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Retaining walls are designed to improve the functionality of your yard while adding to the aesthetic design of your property. A retaining wall will prevent soil from eroding and spilling over into your yard while also regulating water flow to prevent water damage.
Each yard and house are different and because of this, it is crucial that you have a landscape professional assess and design your rock wall so that you have the most functional retaining wall for your Marysville home.

Here at New Life Rockeries in Marysville, we have a team of trained landscape experts who will take your yard’s layout into account as well as your specific design preferences in order to build you the perfect retaining wall for your Marysville home.
We use only the highest quality materials for all of our retaining walls and would be more than happy to help you improve the functionality of your yard with a rock wall.

Marysville Retaining Wall Installations

The purpose of retaining wall contractors depends on your specific needs. Depending on the purpose of your retaining wall or your aesthetic preferences, your landscape contractor experts may recommend different materials for building the rock wall.
New Life Rockeries uses local rocks from Washington based quarries to build our retaining walls. We are very familiar with our local material providers and are able to secure resources that are both beautiful and affordable.
Each quarry provider has its own unique rocks — meaning that it is impossible to replicate your rock wall using rocks from a separate quarry. This ensures that each retaining wall we build has its own unique look and compliments your yard perfectly.

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Marysville Retaining Wall Sizes

Your yard and house style are a big determining factor into what types of rocks should be used to build your retaining wall. Different rock styles, as well as sizes, can be used to achieve different aesthetic goals. Below are listed some of the most common rock sizes for retaining walls and their advantages.

Other Services We Offer

Placing Your Retaining Wall in Marysville

Deciding where to place your rock retaining wall will ensure that it prevents damage to your yard. You should discuss wall placement with your landscape professionals as they will be able to assist you in finding the most effective placing to minimize water damage or soil erosion.
Our crew of landscape experts can assess your property to help ensure the success of your retaining wall. We will provide you with a clear consultation about the state of your yard as well as complete installation of the retaining wall in an efficient time-frame.
New Life Rockeries has proudly helped homeowners in Marysville, Everett, Bothell, Mill Creek, Seattle, and Mukilteo to achieve their functional and aesthetic home goals.

Cost of a Retaining Wall in Marysville

The cost of your rock retaining wall will depend on the materials that you use, the design, and how long it takes to be built.
Our landscape professionals will be able to provide you with a thorough quote based off of the materials and your needs in order to give you a clear idea of the final cost of your retaining wall.
If you would like to learn more about our Marysville retaining wall services or wish to have your yard assessed for having a rock wall installed, contact New Life Rockeries today or get in touch through our online contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I get a retaining wall in my garden?

The benefits of a retaining wall in your garden are endless. However, the main purpose of this type of wall is to secure soil on a steep landscape. That said, it can also enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal and increase your property’s overall value.

Are retaining wall landscapers near me a good investment?

The answer is 100% Yes! New Life Rockeries has been the leading landscaping business in the Pacific Northwest for over three decades, preventing land run offs and boosting your curb appeal. Our contractors help transform your garden into your dream space with beautiful walls made of natural rocks that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

To find out more about our business and services or to get a free quote from one of our contractors, get in touch today!

What are the easiest walls to build?

Short walls made of concrete are the easiest types of retaining wall to build. These concrete alternatives are fantastic options for a raised flower bed or for a front yard.

However, rock structures are typically more aesthetically appealing and will provide you with a larger increase in property value.

Can you build a retaining wall on a sloped yard?

Yes, we can! Our contractors have the knowledge and expertise to build a retaining wall for you, even if you have a sloped yard.

These types of retaining walls do typically take longer to build as the trenches need to be deeper, however, our business has the equipment to navigate almost all types of terrain so give us a call at 425-678-2217 to request a free quote for our service today.

What other services does New Life Rockeries offer?

At New Life Rockeries, our business goal is to help you turn a previously uninspiring or unusable outdoor environment into a space that you are proud to call your own.

With this in mind, we offer everything from retaining wall construction and maintenance to landscaping, rockery constructions, and water features. We do not, however, offer any form of lawn care service.

To find out more about how our business can help you with your landscaping project or to request a free quote for our service, call 425-678-2217 today.

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