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At New Life Rockeries, our main goal is to create a beautiful and functional outdoor area that matches your vision. And, we’re proud to say that we consistently achieve this goal with our customers! Take a look at some of our work and the type of feedback we get after our projects. 

Liddycoat Family

“We had a little vision of what we wanted then the team was just like what about some creative Liberties and we’re like absolutely go for it! And it exceeded our expectations actually. Literally, it’s amazing. Like, one of our kids was saying this is the best rock wall we’ve ever had. Talking through the scope and the fact that we had to break it up into multiple phases that didn’t bother New Life at all, you gave us a lot of peace of mind”

Dianne & Dennis

“Our problems were water flow and how much of a hill we had going downward from our house and the small fixes that weren’t functioning. New Life was there to guide us  through that and we’re really open to listening to us and expanding our project for us. Connecting it all to the front of the house was really an ideal solution. I credit the whole crew, our neighbors are excited to see it!”


“My wife and I underestimated the amount of mud that was in our yard. We needed to be adaptive in how we addressed it and you were very gracious, understanding and also knowledgeable about how to address the issue… You guys came in with your professional experience and were able to articulate what was happening and what likely needed to be done. Every day there was a check-in, and we were able to address things we weren’t sure about as the project developed. We love it. We’re going to fill this in with grass, so it’s not done yet… The rock looks beautiful there, and it will be nice because we have a 9-year-old son, and now we can play soccer in the backyard. We are excited about that, and we would definitely recommend you guys.”thanks!

“Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, Issaquah, Sammamish, and Kirkland”

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I get a retaining wall in my garden?

The benefits of a retaining wall in your garden are endless. However, the main purpose of this type of wall is to secure soil on a steep landscape. That said, it can also enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal and increase your property’s overall value.

Are retaining wall landscapers near me a good investment?

The answer is 100% Yes! New Life Rockeries has been the leading landscaping business in the Pacific Northwest for over three decades, preventing land run offs and boosting your curb appeal. Our contractors help transform your garden into your dream space with beautiful walls made of natural rocks that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

To find out more about our business and services or to get a free quote from one of our contractors, get in touch today!

What are the easiest walls to build?

Short walls made of concrete are the easiest types of retaining wall to build. These concrete alternatives are fantastic options for a raised flower bed or for a front yard.

However, rock structures are typically more aesthetically appealing and will provide you with a larger increase in property value.

Can you build a retaining wall on a sloped yard?

Yes, we can! Our contractors have the knowledge and expertise to build a retaining wall for you, even if you have a sloped yard.

These types of retaining walls do typically take longer to build as the trenches need to be deeper, however, our business has the equipment to navigate almost all types of terrain so give us a call at 425-678-2217 to request a free quote for our service today.

What other services does New Life Rockeries offer?

At New Life Rockeries, our business goal is to help you turn a previously uninspiring or unusable outdoor environment into a space that you are proud to call your own.

With this in mind, we offer everything from retaining wall construction and maintenance to landscaping, rockery constructions, and water features. We do not, however, offer any form of lawn care service.

To find out more about how our business can help you with your landscaping project or to request a free quote for our service, call 425-678-2217 today.

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